A Great Gift for the Coffee Lover in Your Life (famadillo.com)

A Great Gift for the Coffee Lover in Your Life (famadillo.com)


Do you have a coffee lover in your life?  As featured on Famadillo.com our Java Junkie Kit fills the bill.


For those who love coffee, the Java Junkie kit by Terra Americana makes for an excellent gift. This kit includes a scented candle with a cappuccino aroma, Boyd's Portland Roast Coffee, and Terra Americana's Coffee & Chocolate Spice blend. The candle is crafted using soy and has a lengthy burning time, while the coffee boasts a nutty and medium-bodied flavor that is created using top-quality arabica beans. The Coffee & Chocolate Spice blend is ideal for enhancing the taste of coffee, hot chocolate, toast, baked goods, and even pancakes. It blends cocoa and spices, making it a wonderful addition to the table of any coffee enthusiast when inviting guests over.


Java Junkie Kit

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