On the day of the event, Julie sold out of her recipe kits in minutes. From that moment on, the more kits she made, the more she sold.

Julie dedicated the rest of the holiday season to preparing and packaging recipe kits inside her various ceramic pieces. By the end of the season, she had sold over five hundred kits in two months. After a chaotic holiday season, Julie was ready to relax a bit before holding her next party, but not long after the decorations had come down, Julie’s phone started ringing. Julie was surprised to hear from dozens of new customers who had been the recipients of the gifts Julie had sold just a few weeks ago, all asking for the same thing: “where can we get more of those spice mixes?” or “where can I get more of that cake mix?” Over the next two years, Julie began selling more and more spice blends, baking mixes, and herbal vinegars, and less of the ceramics she had started her business importing.

At every turn, Julie made decisions not just about what was best for the company but what was best for her customers. This customer-centric approach has carried Jullie and her team of food enthusiasts from the farmer's markets and pop-up shops they started at into the bright lights of Hollywood productions. All the time, she stayed truly humble, asking only what was fair, and helping the people she served in whatever capacity she could. Whether it’s giving cooking advice from their own kitchen or handing out free samples to loyal fans, the Terra Americana team stands in service to the people, place, and food of which they serve.