The Truth About Irish Coffee

The Truth About Irish Coffee

Believe it or not, the recipe for traditional Irish coffee is a relatively young creation, not even a century old! Let me take you on a journey back to the Port of Foynes in County Limerick, where a renowned restaurant catered to weary American travelers, including the likes of Bogart and Hemingway, who had just completed a grueling 18-hour sea plane ride to the Emerald Isle.

The wonders of coffee and tea, always ready to comfort and revive. But here's where the story gets interesting. Picture this: a fateful day when adverse weather conditions forced a returning aircraft bound for America to touch back down. As the cold and tired passengers disembarked, head chef Joe Sheriden stepped up to the challenge. With a stroke of culinary brilliance, he concocted a soothing elixir by infusing coffee with a generous splash of whiskey. And thus, the iconic Irish Coffee was born!

It's worth noting that the Irish Standards Board wouldn't leave the fate of this beloved national drink to chance. Since 1988, they have diligently ensured the integrity of Irish Coffee by mandating specific directions to be followed. These meticulous guidelines uphold the authenticity and quality of this cherished beverage, safeguarding its rightful place in Irish culture.

  • Black coffee is poured into a stemmed whiskey goblet.
  • Whiskey and sugar is stirred in until dissolved.
  • Carefully pour thick (not whipped) cream over the back of a spoon.

It is important to raise the spoon as the glass fills. The sugar helps the cream float on top. The cream is never mixed into the coffee because the drink is meant to be consumed through the layer of cream.

Adding our own stamp, we prefer to use: 

  • A jigger, Tullamore Dew or The Knot Whiskey
  • 1 cup coffee, Fogbuster or Irish Cream from FogBuster
  • 2 tsp Orange Vanilla Sugar
  • Heavy Cream or Savoy Coconut Cream (it's dairy free)


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