Discover the Ultimate Dip Recipe - Quick, Easy, and Delicious Aussie Outback Dip!

Discover the Ultimate Dip Recipe - Quick, Easy, and Delicious Aussie Outback Dip!

Prepare a delectable dip by using our flavor-packed Aussie Outback Rub. This expertly crafted blend of ingredients will elevate your dip to sensational heights. Simply combine

1 tbsp Aussie Outback Rub 
1 cup of Sour Cream

Allow the mixture to sit for at least 1 hour, allowing the flavors to meld together and infuse into the sour cream.

Julienned Vegetables

To enjoy this delightful dip, pair it with an array of accompaniments such as fresh veggies, crispy chips, savory pretzels, or crunchy crackers. The versatility of this dip makes it a perfect addition to any gathering or snack time.

For those seeking a variation, consider substituting the sour cream with cream cheese. This creamy and savory spread can be generously slathered onto bagels, adding a burst of delightful flavor to your morning routine.To make: 

The story of our Aussie Outback Rub - My Great Grandfather was born one of many sons to a poor farmer not far from the marble quarries of Northern Italy. When he was only 12, a stranger came to the village looking for a strong young man to accompany him as he brought marble statues around the world to prospective buyers. Carlo won the position by impressing the man with his quick wit and exaggerating his age. Thus began an education, a tour of the world, and the beginning of many friendships which would extend far past the end of his own life. While in Australia, my grandfather found a position for a younger brother with a friend who was opening a restaurant. Several years ago, my Grandmother received a call from an unknown Australian relative who was passing through Massachusetts on a tour of the world. We welcomed him with open arms, and he, a professional cook, shared with us the tools of his trade, including this spice. This spice was meant to be rubbed into meat, fish, pork, or poultry at least 20 minutes before cooking or grilling. It is our most versatile spice blend, perfect sprinkled on eggs, potatoes, soups, salads, or just anything.

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